36V(38.4V)105Ah LiFePo4 Golf Cart Battery With 20A Charger

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Q: How will installing lithium batteries improve the performance of a golf cart?

A: Lithium batteries can provide greater continuous discharge for your golf cart, allowing you to easily handle hills and slopes.

Q: Can I convert an ezgo golf cart to lithium batteries?

A: Yes. CloudEnergy 48V 60Ah lithium golf cart battery can be used in ezgo golf cart.

Q: How to charge 48V 150Ah lithium golf cart battery?

1. Solar Panels: A 700W solar panel could fully charge the battery in a day with around 4.5 hours of effective sunshine.
2. Battery Charger: A 58.4V charger is suggested. It can fully charge the battery in about 5 hours at 12A (0.2C) or in 2 hours at 30A (0.5C).
3. Generator/Alternator: Use a charger that is compatible with your generator or alternator's output type. The recommended charging voltage and current apply as in the battery charger.

Q: Can I charge CloudEnergy LiFePO4 lithium batteries in cold weather (below freezing)?

A. Lithium Iron Phosphate (Li-FePO4) batteries can be safely charged from 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F). CloudEnergy Li-FePO4 batteries feature low temperature charge protection, which automatically cuts off charging when the temperature of the battery falls below 32°F, preventing damage to the battery if it is charged below freezing.

【5 years warranty, 24 hours service】

All of Cloudenergy's 36V(38.4V) 105Ah Lithium batteries support 5 years warranty. With our online service, 24 hours friendly and professional customer support, if you have any questions, ple

【3-in-1 Package】

Cloudenergy 36V(38.4V) 105Ah Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Battery, the kit comes with everything! Comes with a high-performance 43.8V 20A Li-Ion quick charger, a 2.8-inch LCD touch screen (for real-time battery information), and a 78.74-inch battery mounting strap to make battery installation easy and secure!

【Built-in Bluetooth 200A BMS 】

Cloudenergy 36V(38.4V) 105Ah golf cart lithium battery built-in Bluetooth BMS, easy to monitor the battery information, and both high-performance charging and discharging protection, With a great 7.68kw power,constant discharge 200A(Peak 400A 35S, 600A 3S). BMS configured with low-temperature cut-off technology can effectively prevent over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature.

【6000+ deep cycles & 80% DOD】

Cloudenergy 36V(38.4V) 105Ah LiFePO4 battery provides more than 6000 deep cycles compared to traditional lead-acid batteries only about 300-600 cycles, which extends the battery lifespan more than 10 times. 6000+ deep cycles using life and 80% depth of discharge are also better than many LiFePO4 battery of other brands.
【Safe and Reliable Power Source】
Cloudenergy 36V(38.4V) 105Ah lithium-ion batteries are designed for 36V golf carts, utilizing high-density A-grade cells(Support 2C Discharge) for high energy and performance,The battery case is made of high-strength cold-rolled metal plate, which is fireproof shockproof and IP66,Compatible with all major brands of golf cart controllers on the market, they are ideal for golf carts, electric vehicles, marine engines and other applications.

Power through Any Task with Cloudenergy BMS

The Cloudenergy Lithium Battery with 200A BMS delivers a constant stream of power to tackle life's demanding tasks. Its powerful BMS delivers a steady stream of power to intensive devices without any limitations. Advanced protection against overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overheat and short circuit. Stabilize power no matter the application or conditions. Enjoy an ultra-low self-discharge rate of 3%, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing budgets".

Power through Any Task with Cloudenergy BMS

ClodEnergy: Grade-A LiFePO4 Batteries that Last for Over a Decade

Over 10 Years of Use of Grade A Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries ClodEnergy insists on using top-quality automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries in all of its lithium battery products. With premium lithium iron phosphate batteries for electric vehicles manufactured by ClodEnergy, you can count on our 36V 105Ah lithium golf cart batteries to faithfully fulfill your power needs for more than a decade. These environmentally friendly batteries are rigorously tested for outstanding durability and stability, and can last for over 6,000 cycles at 100% DOD.


Low-Temperature Safeguards

Discover how our batteries provide low-temperature cut-off protection during charging and discharging. Experience peace of mind with safety measures that automatically halt charging at below 23°F, restart it above 32°F, and prevent discharging at temperatures below -4°F.


Easily control and monitor batteries with Bluetooth

Take a glimpse at our innovative CloudEnergy golf cart, boasting a state-of-the-art Bluetooth system. Keep track of your battery levels with ease by syncing up to your smartphone. A technologically-advanced solution just a tap away.


CloudEnergy Golf Cart battery: Redefining Your Journey

Experience the fusion of style, comfort and technology with the CloudEnergy LIFEPO4. CloudEnergy makes your golfing adventures easier.

CloudEnergy Golf Cart battery: Redefining Your Journey

Make Your Golf Cart Great Again

Make Your Golf Cart Great Again

Let your power never stop

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CloudEnergy 36V 150Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery, With 20A charger

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$1,649.99 USD
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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2024

Battery showed up on time and well packaged. After receiving the battery I had a few questions that Cloud Energy customer after sales service department answered promptly. The battery is well built and very powerful. And their customer service is five star and went beyond what most companies would. Very pleased with the battery would purchase from vendor again.

Madison West

Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2024

We used Cloud Energy as a replacement/upgrade for our Bintelli Beyond lead acid battery system. Installation was straight forward. The BMS parameters needed some adjustment, but CE customer support (Chloe) could not have been more helpful. I will be a repeat customer.

St Augustine Land and Sea Tours

Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2023

Overall great experience with these batteries. Good quality, excellent customer service.