48V 100Ah Wall & Rack 2 in 1 Mounted lifepo4 Lithium Battery

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About this item

Q: What to do when receive the battery?

A: Upon receiving your battery, please note that it may arrive with a low State of Charge (SOC) as a result of the transportation and storage process. To ensure peak performance, we advise promptly charging the battery to prevent over-discharge. If you intend to store the battery for an extended period without use, we recommend charging it to a SOC 50% and conducting maintenance every three months. These measures will help preserve its functionality and performance in the long run.

Q: Does this battery has low-temperature protection?

A: Yes, this battery has low-temperature charging-off protection. It's recommend to charge the battery during the temperature range: 0℃ to 50℃ / 32℉ to 122℉.

2. What is the grade and type of cell inside this battery?

The internal cells of this battery are prismatic cells, which are EV-grade battery cells (Class A).

18.How do I store the battery?

Please follow the tips below to ensure that the battery emerges from storage in good condition: Charge the battery to 30%-50%.;
 Disconnect the battery from the system; Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight, moisture, or precipitation;
Store the battery in a well-ventilated, dry, clean area with temperatures between -13°F-149°(-25°C-65°C)Handle the battery carefully to avoid sharp impacts or extreme pressure on the battery housing;
Charge the battery at least once every 3-6 months to prevent it from overdischarge,eFully charge the battery when it is taken out of storage.

【5 years warranty, 24 hours service】

All of Cloudenergy's batteries support 5 years warranty. With our online service, 24 hours friendly and professional customer support, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

【Wall & Rack 2 in 1 Mounted and Dual Terminal configurations】

Cloud Power 48V 100Ah batteries are available in wall and rack mount configurations with a rotatable LCD screen for a variety of installations and applications. Our batteries also feature a one-touch switch for simplified operation and an automatic circuit breaker safety feature that shuts off power at high load currents to protect the 48V system. In addition, the battery's dual positive and negative terminal design evenly distributes current to minimise heat and prevent overheating.

【Interactive Touch Screen and App Control】

Experience unparalleled convenience with our 48V 100Ah Lithium battery, featuring a user-friendly touch screen for real-time monitoring and control. This innovative addition, combined with Bluetooth connectivity, allows seamless battery management through our mobile app, enhancing user interaction significantly.

【Elite Performance Standards】

Cloudenergy 48V 100Ah Li-FePO4 battery is an automotive-grade A-prismatic cell that stands out for its superior energy density, consistent high performance and amplified power. It has a compact yet powerful 5120Wh energy capacity, and the battery pack consists of 16 3.2V 100Ah cells connected in series, on par with four 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries in a 4S configuration or eight 12V 100Ah AGM batteries in an 8S setup, demonstrating remarkable efficiency and power.
【Unmatched Durability and User-Friendly Design】
With a life cycle exceeding 6000+ cycles, our 48V 100Ah lithium battery far outlasts traditional 400-600 cycle lead-acid batteries, ensuring cost-effective usage and a lower total cost of ownership. Its lightweight nature, being 50% lighter than equivalent lead-acid batteries, makes it effortlessly portable and easy to install.
【Advanced 100A BMS and Temperature Protection】
Cloudenergy deep cycle batteries utilize an advanced 100A BMS that provides comprehensive overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection, as well as an extremely low self-discharge rate. It also features an important high temperature cut-off function that prevents charging temperatures from exceeding zero degrees Celsius.

Embrace Off-Grid Living with Cloudenergy's Powerful Solution!

Experience the robust 5120Wh energy output with Cloudenergy's 48V 100Ah Lithium Battery. Featuring over 6000 cycles, 100A output, Grade A LiFePO4 cells, and an advanced 100A BMS, this lightweight yet powerful battery ensures a safe, efficient, and long-lasting power solution for your off-grid lifestyle.


Monitor and Manage Your Battery with Ease!

Experience advanced battery management with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless monitoring via your smartphone. Easily mount the battery on the wall or in a rack, and enjoy real-time LCD display of capacity, voltage, temperature, and current. With rotatable screens and controllable charge/discharge modes, keep an eye on internal cell voltage differences for optimal performance and safety.


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